"I just can not stop looking at myself in the mirror its hard to believe the lashes are not my own, they look fantastic. You have done an exceptional job."

Finance ANZ

"Dee you do such a fantastic job I don't know what i am going to do without lashes now. And its always a pleasure to come and see you for a chat."

"Its always a pleasure to come to Urban Lashes its such a friendly, happy place not to mention how fantastic the lashes are. I'm hooked."


What are Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash Extensions are individual lashes made of Synthetic fibre polyester, that are applied to your own natural lash. It will make your eyelashes look fuller, longer and fabulous. These extensions come in different sizes and thickness. No matter what length or thickness you choose it will make you look fabulous and outstanding.

Are they like false strip eyelashes you get at the pharmacy?

 No, these are "individual" eyelashes that will be professionally applied to your eyelashes one on one by specialist. There will be about 40 eyelashes per eye. They are applied with a special adhesive that is both durable and safe for the eyelashes.

Any damage to my natural lashes?

Absolutely not, the false lashes don't come in contact with the skin or the root of natural lashes and thus they are safe. They won't even give any trouble with your natural growth of lashes.

How can I book an Appointment?

For booking an appointment you will have to first fill out the Appointment Request Form and submit. As soon as your appointment is confirmed we will send you an email or call you to make any adjustments if necessary. Please note that because of demand we appreciate at lest 3 days notice. We do try to accommodate clients with appointments and will even do after hour appointments for your convenience. More information is available at book appointment page. Fill out the Appointment Request Form - click here

How to book appointment in Melbourne Just go to Melbourne booking page and send an inquiry i will provide you time and venue when i will be visiting Melbourne for clients. Usually i visit once a month depending upon the number of clients interested.

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Applied by Professional Extensionist

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Different Eyelash Variety To Choose From

Gives Fabulous Looks

URBAN LASHES has been recognized for their exceptional service offered to clients in the Brisbane area. Clients come from as far as the Sunshine Coast to have their lashes transformed by Urban Lashes. Urban Lashes has reached great heights purely from word of mouth. 

Our expertise in the field of Eyelash Extensions has even been recognized in the beauty industry. Urban Lashes is also contracted to well known beauty houses for their extension requirements. Urban Lashes is fully trained and certified in Eyelash Extensions having been trained by one of the best Specialist in Gold Coast, Australia. Only the best will do for Urban Lashes and you will see that is true as you will always leave having fantastic lashes and a wonderful experience.

Everyone is talking about Urban Lashes and clients are always referring people who have stopped them and asked "are they your own lashes?". Such a great compliment to the creative work of Urban Lashes.

Urban Lashes uses only the best quality products sourced from reputable companies in Australia. In addition we refuse to use Medical tape for under the eyes as it is harsh and abrasive to the delicate area. Instead we use the finest Gel Eye pads that are comfortable and gentle and they also offer a treatment while your lashes are applied.

Urban lashes also offers a variety of lengths and thickness to accommodate every individualrealize that eyelashes are unique to each person. Urban Lashes will assist you in deciding which look would best be suited your lifestyle and your look.

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have been coming to you for over five years now and I look the best I have ever looked, in fact I Have been told I am looking younger. Your Lashes are fantastic.

Margaret Bock

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